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  • William Lane

How long should couples photos take at a wedding?

Should you schedule 20 minutes, an hour or even more for your couples photos?

It’s an incredibly valid and often asked question I hear and my answer is: It all depends on the couple, their preferences, and their wedding day timeline.

I personally take around 15 to 20 minutes for these photos, but I've also seen other photographers take couples away for much longer, and even several times during the day. It's all about what the couple wants and what the photographer thinks will create the best photos.

A bride and groom stand holding hands in front of a yurt on their wedding day

When it comes to photographing the couple, it's important to strike a balance between getting those beautiful, timeless shots, and not keeping them away from their guests for too long. 15 to 20 minutes is my personal sweet spot to get those perfect shots, while also allowing the couple to get back to enjoying their wedding day.

That being said, if a couple wants to take more time, or have multiple couples photo sessions in the day, I'm more than happy to accommodate them! If the weather is perfect and if there’s enough time, some couples want to explore the venue, take photos in different locations, or just take a little break from the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s a lovely point where you can focus on being newlyweds and enjoying eachothers company.

On the other hand, being in front of the camera can be a bit intimidating for some couples. They may feel nervous or self-conscious, and the idea of posing for photos can be daunting. For these couples, shorter sessions may be more appealing, as it allows them to quickly capture some beautiful moments without feeling like they're in the spotlight for too long.

Two grooms smile and look in to eachothers eyes on their wedding day

An important note though, I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for my couples. My goal is to make them feel at ease and to capture their natural, authentic selves. I have a natural ability to put people at ease, and my style of photography is focused on capturing candid, real moments rather than stiff, posed shots.

So, for camera-shy couples, I would encourage them not to limit their couples portraits based on their own insecurities. With a little bit of guidance and encouragement, I'm confident that I can help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. I often find that once couples start to relax and have fun, they forget that they're even being photographed and end up with some truly amazing photos that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

A bride and groom hug and touch their foreheads together while enjoying a quiet moment on their wedding day overlooking the Bristol Suspension Bridge in Bristol

In the end, the length of time for couple photos is completely up to the couple and what they feel comfortable with. Whether it's 15 minutes or an hour, my priority is always to create an experience that the couple will love. So, don't let camera shyness hold you back from getting the photos you want on your wedding day. With my relaxed and friendly approach to photography, you can trust that your couples session will be a fun and enjoyable experience that results in beautiful, authentic images.

So, how long should couple photos take? The answer is simple: It's up to the couple and their photographer! The most important thing is that the couple gets the photos they want, and that they have a wonderful wedding day experience.

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