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A Peacock-Themed Wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens

Last October, amidst the vibrant hues of autumn, I had the pleasure of photographing a truly enchanting wedding at the picturesque Larmer Tree Gardens. But this wasn't just any wedding—it was a celebration infused with the spirit of peacocks, love, and charm.

A bride and groom walk down some steps, hand-in-hand, smiling and looking at each other.
Martyn and Sally exploring the grounds of Larmer Tree Gardens on their wedding day.

A Peacock Affair:

From the moment I arrived, it was evident that Sally and Martyn's wedding was going to be something special. The theme? A nod to the groom's surname—Peacock—and the stunning inhabitants of Larmer Tree Gardens. As guests arrived adorned in bold and colourful attire, including the bride's father who stole the show in a dashing purple suit and matching top hat, the stage was set for a day filled with joy and laughter.

One of the beautiful peacocks of Larmer Tree Gardens
One of the beautiful peacocks of Larmer Tree Gardens
A man stands looking at a piece of paper wearing a bright purple three-piece suit with a matching purple top hat
The Father of the Bride looking resplendent in his purple peacock suit with matching purple top hat.

Natural Beauty Amidst Nature:

The ceremony took place outdoors, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Roman Temple, bathed in glorious sunshine—a fitting tribute to the love shared between Sally and Martyn. Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, I practised my documentary-style photography, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions as they unfolded. The freedom to move around effortlessly complemented Larmer Tree's stunning scenery, allowing me to preserve the essence of the day without intruding on precious moments.

A bride and groom hug each other and look happily into one another's eyes after being declared husband and wife in front of the Roman Temple at Larmer Tree Gardens
The ceremony took place outside in front of the stunning Roman Temple at Larmer Tree Gardens

Personal Touches and Surprises:

What truly set Sally and Martyn's wedding apart were the thoughtful and personal touches woven throughout the day. Instead of a traditional confetti exit, guests delighted in blowing bubbles and tossing toy planes—a playful nod to the groom's passion for aviation. And who could forget the bride's grand entrance in their beautifully renovated VW camper van, adding an extra touch of charm to the proceedings?

A bride and groom exit their ceremony in front of the Roman Temple at Larmer Tree Gardens through a shower of bubbles, confetti and toy planes
Sally and Martin exited the ceremony through a shower of bubbles, confetti and toy planes.
A blue VW camper van drives past the peacocks roaming the grounds of Larmer Tree Gardens
The bride, Sally, arriving to the ceremony in the couple's lovingly restored VW camper van.

As the day transitioned into evening, the surprises continued with a spectacular firework show—a heartfelt gift from Martyn to Sally, illuminating the night sky with bursts of colour and joy. Not to be outdone, Martyn himself made a wardrobe change, donning a custom peacock-patterned suit for the evening festivities—a fitting tribute to both the theme and his vibrant personality.

A couple look out over a sky full of exploding fireworks on their wedding day at Larmer Tree Gardens
Martyn organised a surprise fireworks display for Sally and the guests.
A groom dances with his guests while wearing a custom made, peacock print suit at his wedding at the Larmer Tree Gardens
Martyn arrives to the evening party in his custom made, peacock patterned suit.

Relaxed Elegance:

Throughout the day, one thing remained constant: the laid-back nature of both the couple and the occasion itself. With over five years of experience as a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of balancing professionalism with a dry wit and self-deprecating charm. Weddings can be stressful affairs, but I'm here to ensure that capturing your special day is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

A bride and groom hold hands as they walk towards The Folly, a tower structure near Larmer Tree Gardens
Sally and Martyn had a quiet walk together towards The Folly at Larmer Tree Gardens.


Sally and Martyn's peacock-themed wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens was a testament to love, individuality, and the beauty of embracing the unexpected. As I reflect on the day, I'm reminded of why I love what I do—capturing fleeting moments of magic and preserving them for eternity.

If you're seeking a wedding photographer who values your unique vision and adds a touch of dry wit to the mix, I'm here to turn your dreams into cherished memories. Let's chat about how we can capture your special day with all the charm and character it deserves.

A bride and groom share a kiss in front of the beautifully painted backdrop of the Singing Gallery at the Larmer Tree Gardens
Sally and Martyn share a kiss on the Singing Gallery at Larmer Tree Gardens.


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